The effective implementation of an outcomes culture can be challenging, and without support common mistakes can be made leading services to experience either failure or partial success (i.e., lack of service-wide engagement)

Training Overview

To optimise your service’s best chances of having a successful implementation we have developed a range of training options which address common implementation barriers as well as focus on a number of key objectives to help you achieve the best possible results.

Key Training Objectives

In our many years of supporting services we’ve found that the services mostly likely to succeed in implementing an outcomes culture are those which have invested in training to:

  • Help their practitioners successfully integrate outcome measures into the therapeutic process
  • Help their service collect data that has sufficient quality to be routinely used for management and supervision
  • Help their supervisors and managers use CORE data for clinical management, service quality development and to secure funding

Receiving Training

Training is available for either online or onsite delivery, and is delivered by trainers with extensive personal experience of routine outcome measurement, service delivery, and service quality development. A range of pre-recorded and live online training modules are available to help you get the most out of your CORE Net product and measurement tools.

To learn about our comprehensive range of online and onsite training packages, please email or give us a call on 01788 297130.

Online Training

We offer a range of online training modules and packages to help CORE Net users to get the most out of their system (i.e., how to use advanced system features and report on service key performance indicators).

To deliver our online training we utilises state-of-the-art on-line training facilities provided by leading web conferencing provider ‘GotoTraining’. A facility which allows us to share Power Point TM presentations and CORE Software demonstrations with you - without you having the expense and potential inconvenience of travel. No technical expertise is required, and you only need a computer that is connected to the internet and your phone.

  • No technical expertise required
  • Perfect for small group trainings
  • Standard and bespoke training modules/packages available

Getting Started

For services new to CORE Net we recommend our ‘Getting Started’ package which costs £500 + VAT. ‘Getting Started’ with CORE Net comprises of four hours of ‘User’ training and one hour of ‘System Administrator’ training. This training has been specifically designed to help your implementation of CORE Net get off to a good start.


Each module involves one hour of online training (there may be tasks to complete between modules) and costs £100 plus VAT. Online training is often an ideal solution for small teams, and up to three people can attend each module at no extra cost.

To learn more about our ‘standard’ online training modules/packages or to discuss a bespoke training tailored to your service and practitioners needs, please email or call 01788 297130.

Onsite Training

  • Delivered at a venue of your choice
  • Particularly suited for larger services
  • Standard and bespoke training packages available

Onsite training is delivered face to-face with our trainers travelling to you, and is particularly suited to larger services. The cost of onsite training in England and Wales is £1000 + VAT per day (or part-thereof) and includes travel. An additional £200 + VAT per day is charged for training delivered in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (i.e., £1200 + VAT). Any overnight accommodation and subsistence is invoiced separately at cost.

We have found groups of up to 10 participants per trainer to be optimal, if you’re training requirements exceed this number then please contact us to discuss the available options.

Get in touch to learn more about our onsite training modules/packages or to discuss a bespoke training tailored to your service and practitioners needs.

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