Our CORE Net Standard and CORE Net Client Management products are user friendly, feature rich and can be configured to be suitable for a range of services and sectors.

CORE Net Client Management combines all the features of CORE Net Standard alongside sophisticated client management features (i.e., Appointment booking system and SMS messages).

Below you can find a comprehensive list of the features readily available for each of our products.

Data Entry

Save time and increase client and practitioner engagement by collecting measurement data electronically through data entry via PC, tablets, email or waiting room invitations.

Graphical Displays

Monitor client outcomes on visually appealing tracking graphs, scatter plots and report tables.

Track Change

Engage clients and therapists by tracking responses to items in measures (TRIM) in order to focus on change at the individual question level rather than the total mean or clinical score level.


Add your own Help Messages to key elements of the system to help improve data quality and increase compliance.


Improve case management with flags (alerts) such as Risk, Off Track, Need’s Closing and manage waiting lists with custom Waiting List Flags.

KPI Reports

Report on a wide range of key service performance indicators such as waiting times, risk assessment and improvement rates. Apply complex, user defined filters to standardised or bespoke reports. All reports are exportable to Excel or PDF.

Activity Reports

Access a wide range of configurable Activity Reports to analyse service activity.


Improve your data quality through a range of features designed to assist administrators, practitioners and managers.


Choose an application specific to your sector needs (i.e., Workplace/EAP; FE/HE; and CYP).

Personal Details

Collect client details such as names and contact details either through direct entry or via a registration form which clients can complete remotely or in the waiting room.

SMS Messages

Reduce DNAs by sending SMS Messages to clients reminding them of appointments.

Clinical Notes

Record clinical session notes against each client session. Record case or admin notes which can be marked as critical if required.


Book clinical sessions, team meetings, annual leave, booking notes and room availability.


Create your own questionnaires and forms for clients or therapists to complete.


Define and design letter templates, merging data from the client record and adding your own text. Use Batch Printing to facilitate remote working.


Notify clients of appointments via email and invite confirmation or rescheduling.

Scanned Attachments

Attach scanned paper files, Word documents or other files.

Data Security

Ensure the security of your data through the use of key fobs for maximum data security in compliance with national requirements.


IAPT compliant if required.

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