Often services have all the requisite skills in-house, but on occasion require outside help with service quality development projects.

Consultancy Overview

We have been working with services for almost 20 years. Over this period we have come to appreciate the wide range of skills required by services for the successful implementation of an outcomes culture and best use of the resultant data for service quality development.

Consultancy Options

Often services have all the requisite skills in-house, but on occasion request our expertise to help them to:

  • Extract the maximum value from their data to help demonstrate their commitment to service quality development to their commissioners
  • Survey their practitioners and supervisors to help assess the values they ascribe to the introduction of sessional measurement
  • Write local CORE Net Implementation Plans that are sensitive to the local culture
  • Monitor and manage variation in data quality across their teams and/or practitioners.

Who We have Helped

Over the years we have provided a range of consultancy services, these have included helping:

  • National commissioning bodies to support the introduction of routine outcome measurement across large number of independent voluntary sector providers to help create Learning Collaboratives committed to shared and collective development.
  • Large national counselling providers to deliver a programme of regional Staff Focus Groups designed to review the value of a range of different outcome measures for their respective potential to add value to management, supervision and therapeutic practice.
  • IAPT and AQP services to develop and deploy Bespoke Reports and Alerts that aim to help maximise their local performance against national targets.
  • Commissioners and policy advisory bodies in a Service Inspection role to advise on the strategic development of local and national service quality.

Please get in touch or call 01788 297130 to learn more about our Consultancy services, and how we can help you.

Research & Development

As a company, CORE IMS and its associates are actively engaged in research and development and are regularly invited to provide thought leadership in consultations in the UK, Europe and the US. Evidence of our contributions to the field are demonstrated by publications with academic partners, research reports and current R&D activity.

In the UK, we are currently working with the Universities of Birmingham City (the SILC project), Hull, Leeds, and Kings College London on Research and Development projects designed to enhance the clinical adoption and value of outcomes measurement across the psychological therapies.

And in Norway and Sweden we are working with a range of hospitals and have recently forged links with the NORSE Team: a team of academic researchers, practicing clinicians, technology and implementation specialists who have developed an innovative clinical feedback tool designed and optimised to work on digital platforms.

If you are embarking on a research project and feel we might be able to help or you would like us to collaborate with you then get in touch. We would be pleased to hear from you.

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