CORE PC Support

Please choose an item from the list below for more information:

1. Installing CORE PC
Instructions and notes on installing the CORE PC Software.

2. CORE PC License Information
Instructions and notes on Licensing the CORE PC Software, cost of licenses, and issues over licensing multiple machines.

3. Backing Up your CORE PC Data
Instructions and notes on backing up your CORE PC Data.

4. CORE PC Data Collection Procedure
Step-by-step procedure for collecting CORE PC Data for workshops and data donations.

5. CORE PC Update Procedure
Instructions for updating CORE PC to the latest version.

6. CORE PC V2 Client/Server Configuration
Information on CORE PC Data Storage, Connecting CORE PC workstations to the server, moving CORE PC Data between workstations and configuring an SQL Server for use with CORE PC

7. Removing CORE PC
Uninstalling an instance of CORE PC which was originally installed using the "typical" option.