CORE Net (YP) (Young Persons)

We know that if counselors working with young people often work alone or in small groups they almost always also work on a restricted budget. That's why we have developed a standardised, membership version of CORE Net which includes the YP-TAF, YP-EoT, YP-CORE , CORE-OM and CORE-10 (CORE-OM and CORE-10 are recommended for clients aged over 16). Using the membership version you will only have access to your data, and will be able to generate standard reports using this data. Clients at risk are flagged for practitioners' attention.

If you would like to order a trial then please complete and return the order form. For further details on YP CORE Net, please email

YP Therapy Assessment and End of Therapy forms
These are therapist-completed forms, derived from the adult CORE Therapy Assessment and End of Therapy forms but specifically tailored to the YP population. The YP Therapy Assessment Form (YP-TAF) gathers data on demographics; waiting times; referral; identified problems/concerns; risk and assessment outcome. The YP End of Therapy Form (YP-EoT) collects data on attendance; duration of therapy; type and frequency of therapy; therapy ending; changes in identified problems/concerns; risk and contextual factors.

The therapist-completed forms are designed to be straightforward and quick to complete and can hugely enhance the value of the data you collect on your clients in terms of reporting outcomes.

If you'd like to receive more information about CORE Net (YP) please contact or call 01788 297130

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