Measurement & Assessment Tools

CORE System Tools

Currently, fourteen measurement and assessment tools make up the CORE System. The tools have been developed over ten years of use "in the field", some in response to customer needs, others from our ongoing and often pioneering research programmes.

CORE Measurement Tools

  • CORE - OM
  • CORE - 18A
  • CORE - 18 B
  • CORE - 10
  • CORE - 5
  • CORE - GP
  • YP - CORE
  • CORE - LD
  • CORE Goal Attainment Form
  • ARM - 5

CORE Outcome Measure (34 questions)
Short Form A
Short Form B
Brief CORE - OM for screening, review/tracking
Briefest CORE - OM for review/tracking
CORE - OM for General population
CORE - OM for Young Person
CORE - OM for Learning Disabilities
Measure for tracking Goal attainment
Measure of therapeutic alliance

CORE Assessment Tools

  • Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form
  • Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form - adapted for Workplace
  • Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form - adapted for Further and Higher Education
  • Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form - adapted for Young Persons
Other Measurement Tools

CORE also supports metrics and measures provided by third parties, all of which can be incorporated (under license where appropriate) into the CORE Net software. These include:

  • BMI
  • CIA
  • EDE-Q6
  • GAD7
  • GDS15
  • HAT
  • IES-R
  • MI
  • PEQ
  • Phobia
  • PHQ9
  • PQ
  • SDQ
  • SPIN
  • WSAS
  • BSAS

Body Mass Index
Clinical Impairment Assessment Questionnaire
Eating Disorder Examination
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment
Geriatric Depression Scale
Helpful Aspects Therapy
Impact of Events Scale - Revised
Agoraphobia-Mobility Inventory
Patient Experience Questionnaire
IAPT phobia questions
Patient Health Questionnaire (depression)
Personal Questionnaire
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires
Social Phobia Inventory
Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale
Work and Social Adjustment Scale
Brief Supervisory Alliance Scale

Please note that other measurement tools can be incorporated in our CORE Net subject to copyright conditions and/or appropriate licensing.

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