CORE System Trust (CST)

The CORE System Trust (CST) is a not-for-profit company that holds and protects the copyright on the CORE instruments and owns the CORE referential dataset grown from anonymous data donations from CORE users.

Copyright on the CORE instruments »

CST holds the copyright on the CORE instruments but they were developed to maximise the use of such instruments across the psychological therapies. Hence CST does not charge any fee to services that wish to photocopy the instruments provided that the measures are not changed in any way.


CORE instruments were developed through direct funding from the following organisations:

  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Artemis Trust
  • Leeds Community and Mental Health Trust

In addition, CORE System Trust has benefited from collaboration with a number of Universities and NHS Trusts and would not have happened without the support of many practitioners, particularly members of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (UK).

The CORE System Trustees

Currently there are four trustees:

  • Michael Barkham: University of Sheffield
  • Chris Evans: Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Richard Evans: Artemis Trust
  • Frank Margison: Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust 

CST has granted an exclusive license to John Mellor-Clark and Alex Curtis Jenkins of CORE IMS to: provide advice and training on the use and utility of CORE; develop CORE PC and CORE Net; design CORE national benchmarks; and build, administer and maintain the CORE National Database.

Contact point
For questions regarding research applications and specific adaptations please contact the CORE System Trust via


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