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We offer two outcomes management systems for psychological therapies. CORE Net a cutting edge, web based, highly configurable, hosted service incorporating the latest features and a wide range of outcome measures. CORE PC a traditional desktop based application, for the collection and analysis of basic CORE System data, quick and simple to deploy and cost effective for small services.

Deciding which product to choose will depend upon a number of factors: features you require, size of organisation, geographical spread of your team, budget, how your service will use outcome measures. Please contact us to discuss which option would be best for your service.


CORE Net is a web based system and is ideal for larger, more diverse services. CORE Net is a very flexible system as it allows for a wide range of configuration options. CORE Net is designed with clients, clinicians and mangers in mind. Feedback is immediate and a visually engaging and is very popular with clients who can track their progress alongside their clinician.

CORE Net provides ease and flexibility of entering session by session data for outcomes tracking as clients can enter answers straight on to the system in the therapy room, the waiting room or even remotely via an email invitation.

CORE Net supports a wide range of outcome measures for routine evaluation (over 30 and counting), a series of alerts to help with case management, the ability to attach documents, create templated letters, and has a variety of reports including being able design your own tailor made reports. CORE Net is now used by over five thousand clinicians in the UK and Europe. Each service is different and an individual account manager will work with you to understand your service to provide the right configuration and support package.

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CORE PC is a desktop application for Windows PCs that can also be networked across a number of machines, allowing multiple users to share a single database. It is quick to set up, so you can be up and running in a few hours. CORE PC is used extensively, in hundreds of services, in many sectors, e.g. Primary Care, Third Sector, Universities.

It is mostly used by smaller services and those mainly using pre and post outcome methodology (although it is also possible to input more frequently). CORE PC supports the collection of 34 item CORE Outcome Measure, Therapy Assessment Form, End of Therapy Form and both the Workplace and FE/HE spokes. CORE PC offers powerful reporting features for managers, and immediate feedback in the form of progress charts for clinicians and clients.

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Making the most of your system.

Whichever option you go for it would also be useful to budget for some advanced training so as your service can make the most of these sophisticated CORE products.

It is always helpful for services to book a data review and analysis workshop once the service has collected sufficient data (usually 6-9 months after you begin). This will aid your use of CORE data to develop and improve your service.

If you'd like to receive more information about either CORE Net or CORE PC please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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