CORE Users

In the last decade CORE has built a following of loyal users whose input and feedback have played a vital role in shaping the products today. We encourage and promote both formal and informal dialogue with our users, and across the years many of our customers have become members of the CORE support team. Here are some user statistics for 2010.

In 2010

  • 3000 individuals downloaded copies of our CORE measures for their personal use
  • More than 750 attended our training sessions
  • 40 organisations from the UK, Portugal, Norway, Holland and Denmark held licenses for our CORE Net software. In the UK, 20 licenses were for UK NHS Trusts (MHTs, PCTs etc.) 8 to national private organisations, 5 to universities and 4 to voluntary sector services
  • 250 organisations purchased licenses for our CORE PC software across health, workplace, education, voluntary and private sector services
  • One service worked with us to publish a Case Study
    of best practice sharing their progress to service excellence.

There are currently over 250 CORE PC Users including over
40 Primary care services • 40 Secondary & Tertiary Care services•30 Workplace services • 80 Voluntary sector services • 30 University services • 10 Private services


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