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Our products have a range of clinical features to help clients, practitioners, supervisors and managers get the most from the efforts of measurement.

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CORE IMS have been delivering innovative software solutions to psychological therapy services since 2001.

With 20 years of ongoing evolution, our mature and proven systems offer the flexibility to capture changing datasets and measurement tools that work for your clients, stakeholders and commissioners.

We offer our customers the functionality they need to deliver their service's processes and the configuration options to adapt as those processes change over time.

We take pride in the long-standing trusted relationships we build with our customers, and we find new customers often join us after peer-to-peer recommendations from experienced users.

Sensitive to the resources available to the sector, we aim to offer best value to our customers by focussing our team skills on meeting the needs of our customers.



CORE Net Client Management

Collect client details such as names and contact details either through direct entry or via a registration form which clients can complete remotely or in the waiting room.

CORE Net Client Management combines all the features of CORE Net Standard alongside sophisticated client management features (i.e., Appointment booking system and SMS messages).

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CORE Net Standard

Save time and increase client and practitioner engagement by collecting measurement data electronically through data entry via PC, tablets, email or waiting room invitations.

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CORE Net Lite

Simplified deployment and standardised configuration.

Save time and increase client and practitioner engagement by collecting measurement data electronically through data entry via PC, tablets, email or waiting room invitations.

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Online Training

A range of online training modules and packages are available to help you get the most of out of your CORE Net system (i.e., how to use advanced system features and report on service key performance indicators).

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Onsite Training

To optimise your service’s best chances of having a successful implementation we have developed a range of training options which address common implementation barriers as well as focus on a number of key objectives to help you achieve the best possible results.

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Since 2001 we’ve implemented CORE software solutions into 800+ services. Over this period we’ve come to appreciate the wide range of skills required by services for the successful implementation of an outcomes culture and best use of the resultant data for service quality development.

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As a company, we’re actively engaged in research and development and are regularly invited to provide thought leadership in consultations in the UK, Europe and the US. Evidence of our contributions to the field are demonstrated by publications with academic partners, research reports and current R&D activity.

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Measurement Tools

You’re able to choose from any CORE outcome measure, and over 30 other measures including diagnosis specific alternatives such as PHQ9 and GAD7, sector specific measures including Workplace Outcomes Suite (WOS) and Counselling Impact on Academic Outcomes (CIAO). CORE Net also includes alliance measurement tools such as Session Rating Scale (SRS) and ARM-5 and ideographic tools, examples including Helpful Aspects of Therapy (HAT) and Personal Questionnaire (PQ).

Measurement can be tailored to your service and sector needs.

Learn How CORE IMS Products Can Transform Your Service

Do you need a user-friendly, multi-functional software system to improve service delivery?

Is it important for you to be able to tailor measurement to your service and sector needs?

Are you wanting to demonstrate your service’s effectiveness?

Are you required to report on a wide range of key service performance indicators such as waiting times, DNAs, unplanned endings, and improvement rates?

Let us know your requirements, and one of our team will get in touch to discuss which of our products would be best for your service.

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