CORE IMS (Information Management Systems) is one of the leaders in the field of routine outcome measurement in mental health psychological therapies. For more than ten years we've supported psychological therapy practitioners by delivering and supporting some of the most validated, reliable and popular routine measurement tools developed in the UK.

CORE IMS Innovation
  • Developed and deployed the first set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for counselling and psychological therapy services
  • Published KPI benchmarks for UK NHS primary care, Higher Education Counselling Services and Employment Assistance Providers
  • Implemented routine outcome management software with more than 500 services in U.K.
  • On-going support for more than 5000 practitioners worldwide.
Quality Change Agents
As change agents, we know it's essential to recruit professionals. Research, quality assurance, informatics, software development, logistics, project management and clinical skills are just some of the key front-of-house competencies we require. Equally important is the overall experience of the quality of support we provide and we are no less rigorous in the selection of our professional administration and customer support functions. The CORE IMS team deliver class-leading results whose success is reflected in our retention figures and in our ever-growing list of new customers both in the UK and internationally.

  • Deliver routine measurement tools that improve clinical effectiveness and efficiency
  • Train front-line practitioners to achieve the best possible outcomes with their clients
  • Support service managers through the challenges of routine measurement e.g. staff motivation
  • Maximise data quality with management reporting
  • Use data to informed service quality development
  • Help funders appreciate the value they obtain from the services they commission
  • Increase market confidence by increasing transparency and accountability

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