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Removing CORE PC from workstation server

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the CORE PC along with the Microsoft SQL Server that is installed as part of the typical installation. Please note that you must backup any data that you do not wish to be lost via Core PC before removing the software and all data files will be deleted in the removal process. There are instructions here on how to backup using Core PC. Please check that no other software is using SQL server before uninstalling.

1. Close CORE PC and stop the database server

Close CORE PC if it is open.

Stop the SQL Server Service on the workstation by;

Windows XP: Clicking Start > Run and type "services.msc" and clicking OK

Windows 7 or Vista: Clicking Start and type "services.msc" and press Enter

The "Services" windows will appear, find "SQL Server (Desktop Engine)" or "SQL Server (COREPC)" in the list, select the row by clicking it and then click Stop.

2. Uninstall the Core PC software and SQL database server

Windows XP: Click Start > Settings > Control Panel and choose "Add Remove Progams".

Windows 7 or Vista: Click Start > Control Panel and look for "Programs" and choose "Uninstall a progam".

CORE PC versions 2.6x and earlier: uninstall both Core PC 2 and Micosoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.

CORE PC version 2.7x and newer: Scroll down choose Core PC 2 and click "Uninstall". Then scroll down choose Micosoft SQL Server 2005 and click "Uninstall", then on the "component selection" screen, click the radio button to select "COREPC: Database Engine" and tick the box to uninstall the "workstation components", click next and follow the onscreen instructions.

3. Tidy up

Go into C:\Program Files\ and delete the "COREIMS" folder.
For CORE PC versions 2.6 and earlier, where no other applications are using SQL server, also delete the "Microsoft SQL Server" folders.

For additional Support Information, please call CORE PC Support on 01788 297130, or email