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Moving CORE PC data between workstations (v2.79 up)

Sometimes it may be necessary to move the CORE PC data from one workstation to another, for example if a machine is about to be de-commissioned. These instructions are for installations of CORE PC running v2.79 or later, for installations created with older versions please see Moving CORE PC data between workstations (upto v2.63)

To move your data:

On the old computer

  1. Go into CORE PC and click Tools and then Backup, making a note of the location that the backup will be saved.
  2. Move the backup file to your new PC (either copy it onto a memory stick or disc, or copy it over your network).

On the new PC

  1. Install CORE PC on the destination workstation - Perform the "Typical" CORE PC installation on the workstation where the data is going to be moved. Make sure the installation is complete by starting CORE PC, and either the login screen will appear, or the users will be prompted to enter their license details. Contact Core with your product ID and they will provide you with these details.
  2. Add the "restore" option in CORE PC by downloading this file and clicking "save as", and save to your "Documents" folder.
  3. Go into CORE PC and click Admin > Execute CORE PC Script and browse to the file you just downloaded and click open, click OK to the "script complete" message then close CORE PC.
  4. For Windows 7/8 - Right click on the CORE PC icon and click "open as administrator"
    For Windows XP - Double click on the CORE PC Icon
  5. In CORE PC click on Admin then click "Restore from backup" and follow the onscreen instructions, at one point you will be prompted for the "sa" password, at this point you'll need to call us.
  6. When it says "restore complete" click OK and close CORE PC (CORE PC may close automatically).
  7. Open CORE PC again, when the "failed to connect to the server" message appears, click OK and then quickly click the connection button.
  8. On the red screen change the username box to "sa" - without the quotes, click OK.
  9. Run CORE PC again, you will be prompted for license information, click to enter your license information and follow the onscreen instructions.
  10. Once you've logged in click Explore and check that your patient records are all present.

For additional Support Information, please call CORE PC Support on +44 (0)1788 297130, or email