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Moving CORE PC data between workstations (upto v2.63)

Sometimes it may be necessary to move the CORE PC data from one workstation to another, for example if a machine is about to be de-commissioned. These instructions are for installations of CORE PC running v2.63 or earlier, for installations created with newer versions please see Moving CORE PC data between workstations (v2.79 up)

1. Install CORE PC on the destination workstation

Perform the "Typical" CORE PC installation on the workstation where the data is going to be moved. Make sure the installation is complete by starting CORE PC, and either the login screen will appear, or the users will be prompted to enter their license details. Do not enter any license details at this stage just close out of CORE PC.

2. Stop the SQL Server Service on both workstations

Stop the SQL Server Service on the source and destination workstations by clicking Start > Run and typing "sqlmangr" and clicking OK, the SQL Server Service manager will appear, click Stop.

For Windows 7 or Vista stop SQL Server using the SQL Server 2005 Confirugation Manager (found under Start > Programs > SQL Server 2005)

3. Copying the data files

On the source workstation copy the two SQL Server files: "C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database\corepc_data.mdf" and "C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database\corepc_log.ldf" directly to the same folder on the destination workstation. If no network connection exists, copy the files to a removable device such as a USB "memory stick".

For Windows 7 or Vista the files should be placed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL1\MSSQL\DATA\

For 64bit editions of Windows 7 or Vista look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL1\MSSQL\DATA\corepc_data.mdf instead of C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL1\MSSQL\DATA\corepc_data.mdf

4. Restart SQL Server on the destination workstation and connect CORE PC

Start the SQL Server Service on the destination workstation again, and run CORE PC. The "CORE PC could not find database corepc on server local" error will appear, click on "OK" and then immediately on the "connection" button that appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the splash screen behind. This will in launch the red "DB Owner Connection Info" window, change the SQL Server connection User Name to "sa", click OK, and re-start CORE PC.

Once connection has been achieved, either a login screen will appear prompting for a CORE PC User Name / Password (not to be confused with the SQL Server connection User Name / Password), or the system will ask for license details. In the latter case, the Product ID (shown in the "Enter License Information" window) for the machine in question should be sent to along with an indication of the name of the licensee / head of service. Please also send a contact number so we can contact you if there are any problems in identifying the license on our system.

5. De-activate the CORE PC Database on the original workstation

To prevent confusion de-activate the CORE PC Database on the original workstation. Stop the SQL Server service on the original workstation (Start > Run, "sqlmangr"), re-name the folder "C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database" to "C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database-old".


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