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SQL Server

CORE PC v2 uses a Micrososft SQL Server 2000 back-end to store its data.

If CORE PC is installed using the "Typical" installation option Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) will be installed and configured automatically as part of the installation process. Once installed, MSDE will be listed in "Add Remove Programs" as "Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine". 

MSDE is the free version of SQL Server it is designed to support no more than around 10 concurrent users, if you plan to have more than 10 concurrent CORE PC users you will require either SQL Server Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise editions.

If CORE PC is installed using the "Typical" installation option the two SQL Server data files are;

"C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database\corepc_data.mdf"
"C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2\Database\corepc_log.ldf"

SQL Server runs as a windows service, at installation this service is set to automatically start when the OS starts. CORE PC connects directly to the SQL Server windows service which provides the data it is not necessary to create a network share as is needed in some other database systems such as MS Access where the clients connect directly to the data files. SQL Server protects attached data files from both read and write access.

Client Workstations

The "Custom" or "Network Client" installation option can be used to install CORE PC V2 without MSDE. When the software is opened for the first time in this case, you will be prompted for connection information to the SQL Server.

CORE PC connects to SQL Server using TCP/IP. Client workstations can be installed anywhere there is available network connectivity to the SQL Server. Firewalls between the client and server may need to be configured to allow TCP ports1433 and 1434 for inbound services and UDP ports 1433 and 1434 for outbound datagram traffic or on newer versions of Windows the sqlservr.exe program needs to be allow to recieve inbound connections.

CORE PC V2 has been tested and shown to work effectively over relatively poor network connections, such as an Internet VPN or dial-up connection.


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