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CORE PC V2 Version 2.61 Update Procedure


Before attempting to perform any CORE PC V2 update, please ensure that you have backed up your data. For more information, please see instructions on Backing Up CORE PC V2 Data:

The instructions below are fairly simple but should be performed exactly as described therefore it is often best for IT staff to carry out the update. If you chose to perform the update yourself please note that you will need permissions to alter the contents of the "program files" directory.

Performing the update

1. Identify your current version of CORE PC

Open CORE PC V2 and log in as "admin", go to the "Tools" menu, select "License Information" and the CORE PC V2 Version Number will then be displayed. Make a note of this then close the "License information" dialogue box.

Please note (1): If you are running a version less than 2.0.19 then please stop here and contact us for assistance.

Please note (2): If you have more than one workstation with the CORE PC V2 software installed, please check the Version Number on every workstation. Sometimes workstations may have been re-built and re-installed from the CORE PC V2 installation without the workstation having been updated to the same version as the other workstations. The current CORE PC V2 Version Number will be the highest Version Number that can be found on any of the workstations with the CORE PC V2 software installed.

2. Extract the update files

At the first (or only) workstation to be updated with the CORE PC V2 software installed, ensure CORE PC is closed and click on the link below. When you are asked "Do you want to run or save this file?" Click on "Run".

After a short time, another message will appear "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?"

Click on "Run".

The "Winzip Self Extractor" window will then appear, and display the message "To unzip all files in corepcupdate261.exe to the specified folder press the Unzip button."

Click on "Unzip".

Please note (3): You may get an error message at this point that says "Can't create output file:.....". In this case it is likely that either a copy of CORE PC is still running or you do not have the necessary permissions to change the contents of some folders on your workstation. Please make sure that you have logged on to the workstation with a User Account that has the necessary permissions (e.g. "Administrator"). You may have to contact your IT department in order to do this.

Please note (4): If your copy of CORE PC V2 is not installed to the default location ("C:\Program Files\COREIMS\COREPC2"), change path in the "Unzip to folder:" in the "Winzip Self Extractor" window to the correct location. To check the location of your CORE PC V2 installation, click on the CORE PC 2 shortcut on your desktop with the right-hand mouse button, click on "Properties" and the location will be shown under "Target".

3. Update the CORE PC database

To execute the update script File;

Open CORE PC, go to the "Admin" menu, and select "Execute Core PC Script". 

Select the file update219-260.cps and then click on the "Open" button to execute the script.

If you cannot see the file the update219-260.cps, check "COREPC2" folder is displayed in the "Look in" drop-down list, if it isn't select the "C:" drive from the drop-down list, double-click on the "Program Files" folder, followed by the "COREIMS" folder, followed by the "COREPC2" folder and you should find the file there.

After the necessary script has been executed, a message will be displayed "Script Complete", close down CORE PC.

4. Test the update you have performed by opening CORE PC V2

Launch CORE PC from the Start menu / desktop shortcut

Log in as "admin" and make sure that CORE PC V2 is displaying "version 2.61" at the top of the CORE PC application window.


Updating additional workstations to version 2.61

Once the Database has been updated as per step 3 above and the software has been updated on the first workstation, you MUST update all other copies of CORE PC by following step 2 and 4 (step 3 need only be run once) so that they are all running the same version of Core PC - if you do not do this data corruption and/or loss may occur.