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CORE PC License Information


The CORE PC License is based on the number of Clients (i.e. cases / patients recorded in your CORE PC Database) that you think you will be entering into CORE PC over a 1 year period. The CORE PC License runs out when you run out of time or when you run out of Clients, whichever comes first.

Please note (1): CORE-PC is available on an annual license basis, based on the number of clients entered into CORE-PC during a year. The current annual license is 2.00 + VAT per client. The minimum license from August 2007 is for up to 125 clients (i.e. 250 + VAT). Discounts exist which can reduce this cost to 1 per client for high volume services seeing more than 5000 clients or 50p per client for services seeing more than 10,000 clients (e.g. Trust-wide applications). For details of discounts please either phone us on 01788 297130 or email

CORE PC will prompt you to enter license information when you first start CORE PC for one of two reasons:

a. You have just installed CORE PC.
b. Your license has expired. CORE PC Licenses are issued for the period of one year.

Either way, you will need to follow the procedure below in order to license your CORE PC software:

Obtaining the CORE PC License Information

1. Identify the ProductID(s) for new machine(s) that you wish to license (if applicable).

Please note (2): You will only need to identify the ProductID on workstations that have not been previously licensed for CORE PC. We keep a record of the ProductIDs for all workstations that we have issued CORE PC License Information for in the past.

If you have just installed CORE PC, you will be prompted to enter your license information. Click on "OK", and the ProductID will be displayed at the top of the "Enter License Information" window.

Alternatively, if you have not yet installed CORE PC on the workstation in question, you can find the ProductID by clicking on the "My Computer" icon with the right-hand mouse button, and selecing "Properties". The ProductID will be displayed underneath "Registered to:" in the "General" tab under "System Properties".

Please note (3): If you have been asked to install CORE PC on a number of workstations connecting to a central database server (see Network Installation Instructions for more detailed informaiton on installing CORE PC on more than one machine), then you will need to send us the ProductIDs for all of the new workstations that you wish to license.

2. Contact CORE PC Support by sending us a email to requesting your License Information.

Please quote the ProductID(s) for the new workstations(s) that you wish to license, along with the following information:

a. The name of your Service.
b. The name of your Service Manager.
c. The name of the site(s) at which the CORE PC Software to be licensed will be used at.
d. Any other contact information which might help us to identify your Service to us.

Please note (4): If you are renewing your CORE PC License, you will need to tell us how many additional Clients you wish to renew your license for, i.e. how many Clients you will use over the next year or so (see note(1) above for pricing information). We will then reply to your email with a CORE PC License Renewal email, and send you an invoice for the License Fee. Please let us know if any of your contact details have changed, i.e. your email address, the address of your service, or the address that you would like us to send the invoice to.

Activating your CORE PC License

3. Apply the License Information to your CORE PC Software.

Once you have received our CORE PC License Renewal email, you will then need to license your CORE PC Software. There are two options for entering the CORE PC License Information, depending on how the CORE PC Software reacts when you open CORE PC:

*** If you are prompted to enter the License Information when you open CORE PC:

i. Click on "OK" to enter the License Information, and find the License Information where the ProductID on your "Enter License Information" dialogue box matches with the PC: identifier in the "License Information (for reference only):" at the bottom of the CORE PC License email that we have sent you.

Example License Information:

PC: 76487-OEM-0011903-00102
Site Name: John Thomas Counselling Service
License No: JTCS0708
No Clients: 1000
Expires Dates: 28/08/2008
CORE PC Key: 5491-4895-7705-3443

Please leave any Keys that are not available from the "Enter License Information" dialogue box blank, and click on "OK" to apply the License Information to your CORE PC Software.

*** If you are not prompted to enter the License Information when you open CORE PC:

i. Save the CORE PC License File (.cps) from the link in your CORE PC License Renewal email to your "My Documents" folder on your workstation.

ii. Log into CORE PC as "admin", click on the "Tools" menu and select "Execute Core PC Script".

iii. When the "Open" dialogue box appears, find the CORE PC License File (.cps) in your "My Documents" folder. Click once on the file to select it, and then click on "Open" to run the script.

iv. Once the script has completed, close down and re-start Core PC for the changes to take effect. Go to Tools > License Info to check your CORE PC License details.

Please note (5): If you have more than one workstation with the CORE PC Software installed, executing the CORE PC License File should have automatically licensed those machines as well. To confirm that this is the case, open the machines in question, and go to Tools > License Info to check that the CORE PC License Details have been applied. If you are still prompted to enter the License Information for any of the other workstations, or they are not showing the correct License Information, please make a note of the ProductID (see 2. above for more info) for that machine, and Contact CORE PC Support by sending us a email to requesting that the License Information be amended.