CORE Copyright

CORE System Copyright Conditions • The CORE System Trust is a not-for-profit company established to :

  • Hold the intellectual property rights in the CORE System
  • Protect the scientific integrity of the CORE System
  • Encourage most effective use of the CORE System
  • Encourage the advancement of the CORE System
  • Protect the interests of the various stakeholders in CORE who are recognised as the users, developers, researchers and software/training/support provider.

The development of the CORE System was made possible by charitable grants from the Mental Health Foundation and the Artemis Trust. In fulfilment of the conditions laid down in those grants the CORE System Trust has established copyright conditions which are intended to encourage general use of CORE without payment of a fee whilst protecting its scientific integrity and avoiding its potential commercial exploitation.

In the following "organisation" should be read as including a service, Trust, company, corporation, academic department, professional partnership or professional association.

Paper Copies
The CORE forms and manuals may be copied and used by an organisation or individual without payment of any copyright fee on condition that:

  • the forms are not altered or changed in any way
  • due acknowledgement of copyright is reproduced
  • reproduction is not for commercial gain

Licensing arrangements (updated 2015)
Any organisation is free to reproduce CORE instruments in software, as well as on paper, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) licence without payment of any licence fee (see for a human readable summary of this and for the licence itself).

Limitations on changes to the instruments

Under the terms of this licence the instruments may not be changed in any way. The object of this limitation is to ensure that scores will remain comparable It would be a breach of the licence to change the order of the items or to cut any items or add any new items or text but the inevitable small differences in how different software displays the text is not a copyright violation.

Limitations on translations

The CORE System Trust are, as they always have been, keen to work with anyone wanting to translate the instruments but this must be done in collaboration with the CORE System Trust and to their quality standards for translations. Translation of an instrument has not been performed in collaboration with the CORE System Trust would be considered a copyright violation as it constitutes changes the instrument.

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