Whether you're already a CORE System user or you're just interested in learning more, you may want to see copies of the numerous forms which are part of the System. All forms listed below can be downloaded free of charge, under the terms of the CORE copyright.

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CORE Measurement tools
CORE-OM (34 items)
CORE Short Form A (18 items)
CORE Short Form B (18 items)
YP-CORE (10 items, 11-16 year olds)
CORE-LD (14 items, Learning Disabilities)
CORE Assessment Tools
Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form
Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form - Young Person (YP)
Therapy Assessment Form & End of Therapy Form - Workplace
CORE System Administration Checklist
CORE Progress Checking Chart
User Manuals
CORE System User Manual
YP-CORE System User Manual v1

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CORE System forms - conditions of use

Copyright of the CORE System is held by the CORE System Trust (CST) which is a non-profit making company established to protect and advance the CORE System.

CST has established copyright conditions which are intended to encourage general use of the CORE System tools without payment of fees whilst protecting their scientific integrity and avoiding their potential commercial exploitation.

In downloading CORE System tools from this website or otherwise acquiring them you agree to the following terms as a user:

1. The CORE System tools (hereafter CORE forms) include, but are not limited to, the CORE Outcome Measure (CORE-OM); CORE Short Forms A and B; CORE 10; CORE 5; GP CORE; YP-CORE; CORE Therapy Assessment and End of Therapy Forms; CORE Workplace Counselling Assessment and End of Therapy Forms; YP-CORE Therapy Assessment and End of Therapy Forms; CORE Goal Attainment Form and the CORE System User Manual

2. You agree only to use the CORE forms in connection with your therapy practice, service or research

3. You agree not to pass on electronic versions of the forms (by forwarding emails with the core forms attached etc) to any third party

4. You agree not to translate, modify, or otherwise adapt the CORE forms nor create any derivative work based on them without the written permission of the CORE System Trustees (see 8)

5. You agree not to enter the text of the CORE forms into a computer whether for the purposes of formatting a display screen for data entry or for the display or printing of analyses and reports

6. You agree not to charge any client, patient, or organisation in connection with use of the CORE forms

7. You agree to reproduce the copyright ownership statement as it appears on the CORE forms if reproducing the forms in reports, academic papers and any other written or electronic media

8. Any breach of the terms above may result in punitive damages being assessed and sought

9. The CORE System Trustees may be contacted at

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